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Areas of Expertise


For those who often “lose themselves” in relationships. We discuss ways to deconstruct controlling patterns that play out in enmeshed relationships and those who find themselves people-pleasing or avoiding "healthy conflict."

Goal is empowerment and freedom. Implementing psycho-education and tools for people who find themselves resentful of others due to lacking their own boundaries.

Helping to create new patterns in relationships, increase self-awareness and improves thought processes and understanding of self.

Goals to improve relationships and help you gain self-awareness.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma can mean many different things and everyone responds differently.  I aim to assist clients in cultivating their own emotional safety and to rely less on external circumstances.  My idea of treatment is not about "what is wrong with you" as much as "what happened to you."  We work on nervous system regulation, positive cognitions, emotional agility, and maintaining trusting relationships.

Psychotherapy Sessions

My therapeutic approach is collaborative and relaxed. Sessions resemble a conversation – not a traditional doctor/patient visit. I see clients through a strengths-based perspective full of opportunity and possibility. 

My Approach

My Approach

My role as your therapist is to empower you with compassion and care that allows for healing.  I guide you back to your inner voice to cultivate meaningful relationships. We are always evolving, because life is a creative process. I provide insight so that you have a better understanding of your relationship dynamics, allowing for the creation of new habits and patterns. Connection is important, and it begins with the relationship to self. Increasing self awareness, self understanding and establishing healthy tools for self-care empowers and equips you in navigating life's stressors. Processing emotions can be overwhelming, but I am honored to assist in this process and create a safe and trusting environment. Everyone is on their own emotional journey and requires different interventions, so I meet each client where they are, practicing a very integrated approach.

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